Tactical Solutions

Enhance your tactical skills with a combination of classroom instruction, scenario-based exercises and practical applications. From firearms and driving to tactics and medical, Alpha Tactics training programs give you the complete advantage. Recognized for its challenging content, rewarding results and exceptional instructors, Alpha Tactics offers the right training to make sure you are always prepared.


Alpha Tactics offers a wide range of tactical solutions and protective services. We are specialized in mobile protection, static security, convoy protection, emergency evacuation, logistics and training concepts that are designed for current threats and the assignments connected with them, as well as providing a high level of security for those working domestically and abroad.

For the best possible training, we provide our course participants with a training center where various shooting exercises can be practiced in addition to proper behavior during rescue operations in dangerous situations. Different scenarios can be acted out according to our clients wishes and the necessary measurements can be conveyed.

We are also able to procure firearms, ammunition, and equipment suited to the various requirements of our clients.

Our team consists of personnel and instructors with many years of mission experience both domestically and abroad. Our knowledge provides the foundation for the successful execution of our courses.